03 April 2008

Digital Art News

About digital art magazines, art news subscriptions and art agendas.

More and more I get my art information direct on my mail box. I travel trough art fairs (I received more than a dozen different news items for Art Miami), I get informed about interesting museums or galleries than when I happen to travel to those places I am happy to visit, I get informed on what's going on in the Mexico City scene or about the smaller 'Indy' and underground art places in my own The Hague.
The design of them can be so different from the most simple (but still attractive and powerful Chantals through the digital magazine Cosimo or the standard e-flux with most of the time more attractive selection of photographs than what at the galleries or museums have chosen). Art Agenda, Artnow, Artforum ArtNow Art Magazin are also like e-flux. Art and Education are more specific for the students but still informative.
Gawkers artists introduced me to ArtKrush, interesting.
Artlout is a paper and digital art magazine. I have not yet checked it.
Galeries.nl is one of my favorites because it embraces most of the art information in The Netherlands at a very detailed scale, it is very well managed but is also a very personal site with their very much appreciated Kunst van de dag -Art of the day- section. The alternative: Mister Motley and HTV news in Dutch the last one you can download it as a pdf. The Dutch glossy magazines digital: Metropolis M and Kunstbeeld.
Arteven.com originally from Mexico and extended to the Spanish speaking countries is to commercial for my taste but it keeps me informed. Every now and then I find of some my artists friends. Art Notes is smaller.
Another classification are the art groups working on a broad scale within the arts as Tag in The Hague or Cold Creation in Barcelona.
There are other sites where I also get my art news: Defecito (Al kinds of news about Mexico DF), and more specifically on art and with excelent texst Replica 21, Mexican and the rest of the world art. Arte Informado also in Spanish.
I started receiving Art2Bank about the financial art market take a look too.
Other all rounders are Art Daily and The Art Newspaper.
Also take a look at Artipedia and Art Lies.

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