16 June 2010

Asian Invasion at Nest

Artist/curator Hikaru Miyakawa (second from left) together with Japanse artists Takayuki Yamamoto (third from left) and Hanae Utamura (right) and French artist Yann Vanderme (left) encounter and research art in The Hague, resulting in the Exhibition Asian Invasion at Nest.

Opening, 26 June, 4 pm. Open until 24 July 2010

Artists: Hikaru Miyakawa (JP) / Takayuki Yamamoto (JP) /Hanae Utamura (JP) /Yann Vanderme (FR) / Jessica de Boer (NL) / Angeline Dekker (NL) / Floris Kruidenberg (NL) /Clara Palli Monquilod (ES) / Magdalena Pilko (AT) / Marisa Polin (MX/NL)

Hikaru Miyakawa
Hanae Utamura (JP)
Yann Vanderme (FR)
Jessica de Boer (NL)
Clara Palli Monquilod (ES)
Magdalena Pilko (AT)
Marisa Polin (MX/NL)
Nest: De Constant Rebequeplein 20b, 2518 RA The Hague
Photos by
, Polink

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