18 November 2010

Tonight performance at 1646

You are cordially invited to the performance of the Friendly Falcons on Thursady November 18th, 2010 at 1646, Boekhorststraat 125, the Hague.
Doors open at 9 PM, performance starting at 9 :30 PM

The Friendly Falcons will be performing their “nomadic artwork,” The Cactus Duet.

It is a theatrical set that fits into a suitcase and will be put together onsite to tell a story with music and kinetic sculpture. The conceptual underpinnings, design, and form of the work will reflect contemplations on nomadism and wandering. It is an exercise in engineering and editing, as we will bring only what we can carry and use found objects alongside intuitive building techniques to customize each show based on the site and resources. Through song and performance a story will emerge using brief moments and disparate events. It is a fracturing of the linear tale, wherein the parts accumulate one by one to create an overall sense and environment rather than a concrete narrative.
The music in the show is written as our musical duo, The Hawk is a Lonely Hunter.

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